Natural Breast Enlargement with just Two Foods
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1. food containing estrogen: 0:36
Estrogen is a hormone responsible for the growth of breast. And here are some of the foods, which are a rich source of estrogen for your body:
— Fennel seed
— Sunflower seeds
— Flax seeds
— Pumpkin seeds
— Cereals
— Sesame
— White gram
— Chicken meat and small fishes

Include these estrogen rich foods in your diet and notice the difference on your breast growth.

1:18 A caution of note! Excess estrogen can cause estrogen receptors in the breast to shut down, which means they won’t get the message to grow. The safest way to balance estrogen level is through the use of phytoestrogen herbs, such as fenugreek or wild yam. These herbs will increase estrogen levels if they are too low, and decrease them if they are too high.

2. foods which contain phytoestrogens: 1:45
Phytoestrogens are plant hormones chemically similar to the estrogen. It can treat a variety of health conditions that affect breast tissue. And can enhance breast development.
let’s see some of the foods, which are rich in phytoestrogens: 2:05

— Nuts, like chestnuts, walnut, and pistachio
— Green vegetables
— Fenugreek extract
— Soya bean sprouts
— Dried prunes
— Garlic
— Peach
— Strawberry
— Green beans
— Raspberry
— Watermelon
— Green tea

So, these are the two kinds of foods for breast enlargement. Try these at home. At least it won’t cause any side effects since it’s natural.

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Hey ladies! I’ve officially reached my one month mark. I’m super excited! I feel very confident that my natural breast enhancement is working. I don’t know how many changes I will continue to see but I will be experimenting a lot until i can find the perfect combination to create an all natural breast enhancement for you.
I will be adding Fennel and Red Clover soon. I also will be creating my own breast enhancement lotion. I’m having it done in Canada and hopefully it will work 😀 Thank you for all your support ladies!
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