Many women are interested in the benefits of breast augmentation surgery but are not sure what the cost may be. As a surgical procedure involving an operating room, anesthesiologist and nurses as well as implant supplies and the surgeon’s fee, the average cost is roughly ,500.

Dr. Kunaal Jindal of Edelstein Cosmetic discusses several factors that can affect the price of breast augmentation surgery and the implants themselves.

• Different types of implants cost different amounts and should be chosen based on the advice of a qualified cosmetic surgeon, the woman’s goals and her individual anatomy. Generally speaking, shaped implants and those made of cohesive gel silicone cost more than round implants made of saline.

• Combining several different surgical procedures can reduce the overall expense of the procedures. By handling multiple surgeries such as a tummy tuck or arm or thigh lift in just one trip to the operating room, the cost per procedure is lower, usually adding not much more than the cost of the supplies and the surgeon’s time.

• The complexity of the surgery will also affect the cost. There are different techniques surgeons utilize and some other pre-existing medical condition may make things more complex.

• Location is important when considering the cost of breast augmentation surgery. A private clinic may be more expensive than a hospital, but Edelstein Cosmetic charges the same fee as most hospitals.

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