In this video Adrian Richards talks about a recent patient he performed breast uplift surgery on. You can see before and after images, footage of the patient having the procedure in theatre and hear the patient talk about her experience.

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Hello, In this video we are going to be looking at a patient who had one of the most severe cases of deflated breasts that I have ever come across in my career and in the video we are going to be looking at how she was before, the operation itself, how she was after and hearing in her own words how she felt about the procedure. So this is actually in the operation. I have already marked when the patient is sitting up and I will just go over them again with our patient lying down. I am going to lift the nipple up to that position and you can see now that I have actually completed the right side. This is really just to show you the difference between the two sides, the right side has been lifted up, I have maintained all the breast tissue in the breast and tightened the skin up. And you can see the difference in the two sides, the right side has had the excess skin removed and the breast tissue shaped and the left side remains to be operated on. Lets just look at it from the bottom you can see another example of the excess skin on the left side. This is after I have completed both sides so you can see I have lifted up both sides, I would like to emphasize that no tissue at all has been removed, only the skin to tighten up the breast. This is just some of the skin, just show you the skin I have removed, on the left side the dimensions of the skin were 9 inches by 18 inches and on the right side slightly less 12 inches. I was really pleased with the results of the operation and we are going to hear from the patient in her own words how she felt about the procedure.
My breasts were quite sagging a lot because I have lost 7 stone in weight over the last 2 years, I didn’t have a lot of volume It was considered that I may need implants but after the surgery I didn’t need any implants so I’ve got nice firm perky breasts I didn’t need to have a nipple graft which is great as well and so basically was able to relocate the nipples so a nipple graft wasn’t required. So in terms of the outcome I couldn’t ask for more. I definitely had a 150% improvement in terms of the appearance and the feel of them, and the shape. I am very happy with the shape as well and they suit my frame.
Thank you very much for watching this video, big thank you to our patient for sharing her experiences with us. If you would like any more information about plastic or any aspect of cosmetic surgery please visit our website, Thank you.


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