Dr. Erica Anderson is loved by practically all those who meet her. Her patients love her as well as the nurses and medical staff at the hospitals respect her. Dr. Erica Anderson of The Naderi Center for Cosmetic Surgery Specialists is a true specialist with a busy surgical practice dedicated exclusively and only to the plastic surgery of the breast, tummy and body. She only operates below the neck because at The Naderi Center, the most unique cosmetic surgery practice in the world, Dr. Naderi operates on the nose, Dr. Kulak operates on the eyelids, face and neck and Dr. Anderson operates on the breasts and body. Dr. Anderson is known for Breast Augmentation, Breast reduction, Breast lifts, Breast Reconstruction after cancer, Tummy tucks, SAFE liposuction of the body, body lifts after massive weight loss and corrective revision of previous botched plastic surgery.

Important to NOTE: Dr. Anderson is passionate and strict about doing the entire procedure from skin to skin by herself. That means her assistants NEVER sew or close incisions. Ask your plastic surgeon if he or she has an assistant sew, stitch, suture, or close one side while the surgeon does the other side! Most will say yes!

Many plastic surgeons using assistants boast about 20-30 minute breast augmentation surgical times. Dr. Erica Anderson is an expert, experienced, skillful, artistic surgeon who is quite fast and confident and decisive as you can see BUT she still takes her time and spends 60-90 minutes routinely for precise meticulous results. This is important. This is your body! Insist for the best!
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